Throughout 2020, we’re raising money to grow and improve our venue while strengthening and creating development programmes for our artistic community.
The goal is large and we’re up for the challenge - by December 2020, we hope to raise $200,000 which will go towards new lighting and sound equipment, a much needed dance mat for the hard concrete stage, new seats for both spaces, air conditioning and heating for audiences and artists, better outdoor furniture, well being and sustainability programmes for artists, dressing room upgrades and a whole lot more.
Scroll down for the full fundraising itinerary list and goals.

basement has changed the way
theatre is made in this country
- NZ Herald, 2019

The past

Since opening in 2008, Basement Theatre has relied on left-over lighting and sound equipment from The Watershed Theatre’s closure in the 1990’s, and the seating and set pieces left behind by Silo Theatre when they moved out of the Lower Greys Avenue space in 2007. 11 years later, over 600 shows and more than 200,000 visiting audience members, most of these items have now reached critical condition.

What's next?

This campaign is a first for Basement - the organisation hasn’t made a public call out for fundraising since it started. Government funding, grants and ticket sales only go so far, and after entering a brand new decade, Basement reckon it’s about time to make some much needed improvements.

Get involved


For donations over $500, please email lovers@basementtheatre.co.nz for an invoice.


Basement Lovers are our ultimate champions. If you would like to become a Basement Lover and champion what we do, click below to donate $1000 +.


Imagine Netflix, but for live performance - Basement Mates is a monthly subscription to get more arty nights in your calendar. All proceeds from this programme go back to Basement as a donation towards Make Basement Better. Basement Mates is an affordable way for you to be a supporter of what we do.



At $20,000

  • Dance mat
  • More foyer seating
  • New outdoor furniture
  • 3 x artists supported in Basement's Ideas in Residence programme

At $50,000

All of the above plus...

  • New theatre lights in both spaces
  • New dressing room furniture
  • New live music equipment for Basement gigs
  • 3 x artists supported with wellbeing peer support during the making of their show

At $100,000

All of the above plus…

  • New comfortable theatre seats in both spaces
  • New staging
  • New sound equipment in both spaces
  • Subsidy for a paid producer to be attached to 3 x Basement shows

At $150,000

All of the above plus…

  • Air conditioning in the bar, foyer and dressing rooms
  • Computers and printer for Basement office
  • NZSL interpreted performances at 2 shows
  • Audio described performances at 2 shows

At $200,000+

All of the above plus…

  • A fully sheltered outdoor awning system for an all weather Basement experience
  • Exploring options for wheelchair access to the Basement Studio
  • An outdoor container kitchen for pop-up food options at Basement
  • Upgrade to Basement's fire systems to allow for haze and smoke effect in performance